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The Gallurese stazzo

The Stazzo is a typical rural dwelling mainly in Gallura, and in Gallura dialect is called Lu Stazzu. This construction can be found in both northern Sardinia and Corsica, but is also found in other southern regions of Italy.

The word 'stazzo', from the Latin 'statio', station, is the resting place and home of the shepherds and farmers of Gallura. While in Barbagia the place used as a temporary dwelling is su Pinnettu, the equivalent Gallurese structure is the stazzo, which is characterised by a masonry structure that shows that it served as a real, permanent dwelling. The oldest stazzi date back to the 18th century when the first Corsicans settled in Sardinia.

Within the beautiful Gallura countryside, there are several stazzi for sale that have not yet been converted or renovated, and the Demuro real estate agency is able to broker that for those interested in purchasing.

Stazzo For Sale At Porto Cervo

Stazzo For Sale At Porto Cervo

Type of Gallurese stazzo

The stazzo is a construction made of rough granite blocks, covered by a double-sloping roof whose supporting beam was usually made of juniper or chestnut, facing south-east to make the most of the sun.

The stazzo often consisted of a single room used as a kitchen, dining room and bedroom. If several stazzi were neighbouring, so that the farm was administered by several families, a cussogghja.

The landscape of Stazzo Gallura is unique in Sardinia. The Gallura hillsides used for grazing, interspersed with centuries-old dry stone walls and dotted with cork oaks represent a landscape that could realistically have been in the paintings of the most famous impressionists instead of Provence.

The peace and quiet also make this countryside a perfect place to devote oneself to meditation and wellness activities such as yoga and meditation, but also to more ancestral activities such as gathering wild herbs, cultivating a vegetable garden or raising small farm animals.

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