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Discover the selection of land for sale in Gallura and northern Sardinia: building plots in the countryside surrounded by green, rolling hills for living in an enchanting natural setting.

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Arzachena is a charming town located in the heart of Gallura among green hills and Mediterranean scrub, granite rocks and enchanting sea. A lively and active year-round reality that comes to life even more in the summertime. Arzachena is located a few kilometres from the sea, and is in fact the municipality that is home to the famous Costa Smeralda. Nearby are the villages of Cannigione, Baja Sardinia, San Pantaleo, Sant’Antonio of Gallura, Luogosanto and Bassacutena.

Land for sale near Arzachena is located in areas of special importance and value overlooking the sea and overlooking the hills that are home to the famous Gallura rocks. A place rich in history - inhabited since the pre-Nuragic period - nearby are archaeological sites, tombs of the giants and nuragic complexes, all monuments of rare beauty.

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Land For Sale

The countryside around Arzachena is certainly known for its particular productivity, thanks also to the abundance of water. Vegetable productions have among their greatest exponents orchards, olive groves and vineyards - with the production of the famous Vermentino di Gallura. Of particular interest is also cork production with large cork oak groves and expanses of oak trees, especially in the area leading towards Calangianus.

All this abundance makes Arzachena the ideal place to buying land to build a house and perhaps start a farm. The available farmland has various characteristics with different and peculiar organoleptic compositions, depending also on the use to which one wishes to put it. The land for sale in the Arzachena area can be built on and the surrounding hectares can be used for the cultivation of small fruits, ideal for beekeeping, and excellent for planting olive trees and vines.

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