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Years of experience in offering fully guaranteed assistance in the purchase of new homes in Sardinia

Who we are

Founded in 2004, ours is a small family-run firm that embodies the “spirit of Gallura.” We welcome every client as a guest, and view work as an opportunity to share the values of a unique land. Helping a client to buy a house in Sardinia goes well beyond materialism for us: it is, rather, a mission that has well-being as its goal.
For this very reason we will accompany you at every step of the buying process, from start to finish, so as to make it quicker and less tiring.
We will assist you in every operation related to the sale: provision of mortgages, advice on companies and local professionals, payment of taxes and real estate taxes. Small daily tasks will be easier if you choose to have us by your side.
We will not simply be real estate agents helping you buy a house in Sardinia: we will become your point of reference.
If you are a foreign client, we will give you a team of English speakers or native German speakers, because we are aware of the great trust you are placing in us. We will be at your disposal to explain the phases of buying a house in Italy. We will help with applying for a tax code, opening a current account and translating the final sales contract: we will offer all the human and professional support you need.



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