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Villa for sale in Porto Rotondo - Rudalza


Demuro Immobiliare is pleased to present La Casa di Rudalza, a delightful and well-kept house for sale near Porto Rotondo, from which this interesting property is about 3.6 km away. The village of Porto Rotondo falls within the territory of Olbia, in 1964 this circular shaped bay was transformed by the Venetian Counts Nicolò and Luigi Donà [...]

166 m2
Stazzo for sale Arzachena ref. ZIA


The stazzo for sale Arzachena near Ziachena in the municipality of Luogosanto was once a large estate of several hectares belonging to local families. It originated in the early 1900's, and today, although the property has been considerably downsized, it is still possible to capture the authentic charm of this place falling within the Gallura village just [...]

229 m2